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Propulsion system based on Biomimetics (Design by Nature)

The original idea comes from nature: a dolphin can move at a speed of 25 mph with an force equivalent to one horsepower.

The project aims to launch a new product and solution for the propulsion of small boats and as auxiliary to the sailboats. The company has developed an electric outboard motor which is based on FPD (Fluke Propulsion Device) technology in which today’s conventional propulsion of a propeller is replaced by a fin.

The company’s own test shows that the efficiency will be significantly higher by this method of propulsion than with traditional technology. Noise pollution is dramatically reduced. “The shape of the fin combined with low rpm reduces cavitation and noise to a minimum”

This will result in a combination of increases in fuel efficiency, as well as positive impacts on the environment and higher levels of safety in boating.

”This is the most interesting project I have been involved in during my 32 years in the patent business” (A senior partner at Zacco).

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